Be still (cease striving) and know that I am God.

The past cannot be different from what has already occurred. Remember only what you can learn from it to be used for God’s glory. There is one place to make a new beginning and that is where you are right now.

Christ says your mistakes in life do not define you! He does!

No matter what “it” is, you can begin again!

Why do we turn to “empty” things to satisfy us, when only God can meet our needs?

Psalm 136 …for His Mercy Endureth Forever

God will never run out of love because His mercy flows from a well that will never run dry!

Watch and see what God can do!

“God brings us to a place where we’re still & quiet so we can hear Him, be near Him, listen to His heartbeat and survive only by leaning completely on Him” …Quote from Faith York

“He breaks us, so He can put us back together the way He wants to”….Another quote from Faith York that has surely been a blessing to me!

We cannot stand in the storms of life based on someone else’s faith!

Anything that makes us humble ourselves and often come back to our Lord is surely a blessing to us!

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