Shelter From The Storms

He that dwelleth…

To live in, reside, keep your attention focused on, directed to

To abide as a permanent resident

To be in any state or continue in a state or condition

In the secret place

Abiding in the presence of God only accessible by the blood of the Lamb.

A place of continually drawing near to the Father in communion.

A place where you talk to the Lord continually without the motivation of being recognized by people, only having a pure desire to know Him

Of The Most High…

Jehovah God, El Elyon, Yahweh, Creator of heaven & earth, The Lord Most High, Lord Almighty, All Powerful, All Knowing, Omnipresent, Holy, Unchangeable

Shall Abide…

To stay or remain…not maybe, but shall…you can count on it! We continually receive, believe & trust that Jesus is everything we need!

Under the Shadow…

Under the shelter and covering of Our Mighty God!

In a position of being unnoticed because all the attention is being given to someone else

Of the Almighty…

The Great I Am, The Alpha and Omega, The First and The Last, The Beginning & The End, El Shaddai, Boundless

Song by Faith York…Even There

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